Solar LED Garden Light



1.Solar Panel: 5.5v, 1.5w, 17% efficiency;

2.Li-ion Battery: 3.7v, 2200mAh;

3.LED: 4 PCS, 2w, 6500k, 200Lumen;

4.Product size:27*34*10CM

5.Sensor: Light sensor

6.Charging Time: 8 hours (1000w/m2);

7.Working Time: About 8 hours;

8.Lighting Mode: LOW/ HIGH/ OFF (LOW: weak lighting for saving power at darkness;

HIGH: lighting bright at darkness; OFF: restore energy and keep dark in the daytime.)

9.Waterproof: IP65;

10.Material: ABS Plastic.


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      Solar LED Garden Light

       The hard durable plastic material encases the Solar LED garden Light  and it comes in two pieces, the ground stake, and the spotlight with the attached solar panel. The large solar panel is approximately 5 ½”×3” and is adjustable within about a 90 degree angel. The LED light is also adaptable for a downward, straight on, or upward angel, lighting up a pathway for at least 25 feet. On the back of the solar panel is a switch for Low, High and Off.

It comes with 3 options to trigger it:

1.Power off;

2.Automatically switched on at night and last all night-dim light ( about 50% brightness) ;

3.Automatically switch to full brightness at night and last all night


1.During the day the LED solar spotlight’s 1.5 watt solar panel charges its internal 2200mAh lithium-ion battery, giving it the power the spotlight needs to light at dusk;

2.The spotlight will automatically comes on at dark when you have it switched on and shuts off in daylight. At dawn the solar LED spotlight stops lighting and starts charging again ready for the night ahead.

Package Included:

  • Solar LED Spotlight×1
  • Ground Stake×1
  • User Manual×1
  • Expansion Pillar-hinge×3
  • Installing Screw×3
Item Single Box size Carton size Qty/Carton Gross Weight/Carton
KW-G750 17.5*21.5*7CM 44.3*36.8*54.5CM 30PCS 16KG